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Finished the first of one project, updated the layout on <>KillingMachines<> layout.


Next project is to get to work on <>KillerPotato<>. I have no clue what I want to do, though. Not even just as far as looks, but even in content. UGH.

Today was okay, except for th whole not getting to see Cassie thing. I must find a way to survive.

I don't think I'll sleep tonight, seeing as I still have Math homework to do and it's already four-fifteen. We're going to the Zoo in Biology today, I do believe. I remember when Cassie, Keely, and myself last went there. It was fun if only for a short bit. Weneed to complete more things on the *Fun List*.

Last night I watched <>Things To COme<> again last night. I love that movie.

I didn't get to talk to Cassie after work, I'm happy before hand.

And Robbie called my house yesterday, Frau Wall wants us to come in and talk to her class about what Germany was like. Will be good fun for sure.

Back to where I was, didn't get to see Cassie today, earliest I might see her is Thursday. I don't know if I can pick her up on Friday, it depends on if she wants to come to my dentists appointment with me. We must do something Saturday, though, I work in the morning, so good fun will be had.

I finished reading <>Masters of Deception<> today. It was a really good book. I recommend it to everyone who is in anyway intrigued by the subject of computer hacking.

I suppose that's all for now.
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Amanda will appreciat this little bit of trivia...

In the movie Hackers, Matthew Lillard's character is named Emmanuel Goldstein. In real life Emmanuel Goldstein is indeed a hacker, he is editor-in-chief of 2600, he also hosts Off The Hook.


I should update, but not until I do a few other things I need to accomplish.
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The Damned are indeed coming to town, the real Damned. Oct. 19, Galaxy, 17bucks.


The Damned, Tiger Army, Pleasure Forever, and The Break

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Nothing happened today. Fun will happen tomorrow. :DD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Balzac is opeing for the Misfits on their Halloween show... wish I could go.:(

Wish they would confirm some dates for at least somewhere in Missouri.>_<

Anyway, my weekend...


Classes went by as usual and I was there at two-fifteen-ish to pick up Cassie. We went for our almost daily jaunt to Duschense(sp?) to see our friends who love us just oh so very much. Gave Amanda a copy ATR's >>Delete Yourself<<. Do hope she enjoyed it.

Cassie and myself made our way to Steak 'n Shake. The waiter asked us where our cute blond friend was.:P

After dining on Milk shakes and french fries, I dropped her off and headed back to my house where I met Liz.

Liz and I were off to the >>Plea For Peace Tour<< Our fair city was to be treated to the musical stylings of The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Lawrence Arms. Poison the Well, Promise Ring, and Common Rider. When we arrived on scene at Mississippi Nights, there were rumors going around about INC not playing. It didn't bother me too much, as I'd never heard them, but I still wanted to.

A man came down the street passing out free Poison the Well DVDs and stickers. The DVD has some really cool footage.

As we approached the doors, fears were confirmed as we saw the sign in the the windows: "The (International) Noise Conspiracy will not be playing tonights show." Word os that the drummer hurt his back. Most are definetly bummed.

Still we enter and head for stage front. First up was to be the Lawrence Arms. They're a group from Chicago. They were really good. Enjoyed their set quite a bit.

Next up was Common Rider, they were good, if only a bit mismatched. One guitarist and the bassist looked like they belonged in a Psychobilly band. The lead singer was completely stoned, it's amazing he didn't fall down once. The crowd was a bit rowdier than for the previous act.

Next up was Poison the Well. Before they started some old fuck was heard to say, "These kids up front don't know what they're in for." Old assholes like that don't help the scene any more than all the pop-punkers they bitch about.

PtW was also having problems, their lead singer was sick. They had the lead singer from Kill Me Kate help them out. He had an amazing stage presence. It was just cool. Though the show was hard on him, there were three different people filling in for this one singer. PtW is a screamo type band. Their CD isn't quite as hardcore as a group like LLBNF, but their live show icked so much ass.

Next up was Promise Ring, I didn't like Emo before they started their srt, I still don't like Emo. *shrug*

Should mention real quick, I lost hope a little more for our scene, or rather, lack there-of, when while one of the bands was deciding what song to play, this guy Brian shouted to play The KKK Took My Baby Away. Me and Liz turned arouned and smiled, I nodded my head in an agreement. When all of a sudden a kid behind us says, "What? Is that actually a song?" :O Someone give me a gun. NOW. Ramones? What's a Ramone? >_<

Anyway, acquired an Asian Man Records shirt, a Poison the Well shirt, and a Poison the Well CD.

Came home went to the park, Steak 'n Shake, and finally Ed's where we watched Waking Life. Very cool movie.

Got home around three-ish.



Called Keely a little after nine to see what was going on with seeing the Wall.

--One of our local theatres frequently shows late night movies. This time around it was Pink Floyd's The Wall. We were all excited, most of us being huge Pink Floyd fans.--

Went and picked up Cassie from Britnee's. She was down. She says I cheered her up. I love that girl.:)

Went up to the theatre and got tickets.

Mike showed up.

Keely and Ben showed up.

Flavin showed up.

We stared at hot punk chicks ass. We being, Flavin, Cassie, and myself.:P

Turned out hot punk chick was with smelly punk guy me and Keely saw one night, his name was Skank, her's. Andrea.

Many a person showed up for the movie. They let us in at around eleven.

There was this stupid whore who sat in front of us and said all these kids didn't understand the movie. And all the forty year olds were the ones who knew the lyrics, nevermind the fact that me and my friends all sang along and she had never even seen the movie before.

She was drunk.

She apprently also thought that all kids were like her "wanna be goths let's dress in all black we must be cool" beast children. During the war scenes she would say things like, "all you kids think this was stuff si cool wait till the real war starts anf you all have small pox."

Oh war is just so damn cool isn't is? >_<

She shut up after someone went and got a security guard. Mind you this was after people from the front rows(we were at the top) were yelling at her to, "Shut the fuck up!!" Her reply, "You kids have obviously never been to Rocky Horror Picture Show" Was quickly thrown back by Keely's quick response of "This isn't fucking Rocky Horror, you bitch!"

After the movie we went to Denny's.

Denny's has never been quite so exciting as it was that night. First was the man screaming, "I didn't buy anything I just want to leave," as he ran through the restaurant heading for the emergency exit to make his escape.

Next was as Skank came back from the gas station with his sandwich, when a drunkedn man jumped up screaimg "give me a bite of that sandwich" and proceeded to attempt to take a bite out of his sandwich. Skank, Andrea, Mike, Ben, and Keely, were ejected from Denny's after liquor became involved and they were asked to leave, the police were there but nothing ame of it.

Cassie, Flavin, someone who's name I can't remeber, and myself, sat around and joked until three-ish.

The bitch that was work n Saturday is for another post.

The weekend was good.

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