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pppfffbbbttt's Journal

6 July
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Blah, blah, blah. Does it really matter?
12 monkeys, a clockwork orange, agnostic front, akira, alice cooper, anime, army of darkness, at the drive-in, atari teenage riot, best in show, biting, blah..., bondage, bottom, bruce campbell, cabaret voltaire, cabinet of dr. caligari, cake, children's audio, crass, da vinci, dada, david lynch, dead kennedys, deadlands, der golem, devo, dexter's lab, dimmu borgir, douglas adams, dr. strangelove, dreamcast, dungeons and dragons, evangelion, evil dead, f. scott fitzgerald, fanatic noizekiller, fawlty towers, feet, fojar, francis bacon, francis picibia, frank zappa, gabba, gabba front berlin, gnomes, gorillaz, gundam, gurps, hackmaster, hammerspace, happy noodle boy, high fidelity, http://www.killingmachines.org, hugo ball, i shot andy warhol, isometric, jefferson airplane, jhonen vasquez, joan jett, joe strummer, johnny the homicidal maniac, judas priest, kabouter plop, km.org, kmfdm, kmorg, kodt, lexx, life of brian, linux, lunix, mage: the ascension, marcel duchamp, mel brooks, melt banana, misfits, mlwttkk, monkey, monty python, moonshaes, morbid angel, mu330, mulholland drive, nadesico, new wave, nin, nineteen, no wave, nosferatu, oxymoron, penguins, pepsi, photography, pink floyd, platypi, poetry, pokey the penguin, pppfffbbbttt!, prince, psx, rabid sock puppet, radiohead, ramones, red, red dwarf, resident evil, riot nation, rob gee, role-playing, salvador dali, sam raimi, scooby doo, sex pistols, short people, sid & nancy, ska, skankin' pickle, skatalites, sonic youth, spatula face, spinal tap, spongebob squarepants, stanley kubrick, stiff little fingers, surrealism, taxi driver, ten pole tudor, the clash, the crow, the cure, the daily show, the great gatsby, the living end, the toasters, the white octave, the who, the young ones, trigun, tristan tzara, vampire: the masquerade, van morrison, waiting for guffman, warhol, x-files, you, young frankenstein